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What's the best way to beat this heat? Sangria of course! And what better place to enjoy a cold one, then in the Beaches. The Beaches is one of my all time favourite Toronto neighbourhoods. The houses are freakin adorable, there are shops and restaurants galore, and of course you have the waterfront. It feels like it's own beach town within the big city. So check out how my sisters and I enjoyed our day by the water.  


I recently enlisted the help of one of my oldest childhood friend's Emma, after I saw a photo of a terrarium she created. So she invited me up to her parent's home--a breathtakingly beautiful stone house in Orono--to help me make an indoor garden of my own. From the sangria, to the picture-perfect sunset and of course the great company, it was a beautiful way to spend a summer evening!

Choose your glass vessel (open-top for succulents), greenery, stones and any accessories.
We decided to use succulents versus plants.
We used cactus-specific soil, but you would need activated filter carbon if you were using plants.
The first layer should be rocks.
Next, we added moss.
Then add a thick layer of soil, and start planting!
Such a stunning backdrop.
Amazing how different shapes, colours and textures can add to the end result.
It doesn't get much prettier than that.

Feeling Rosie

print 2

 Finally framed my Rifle Paper Co. print (similar can be found at Sweet Violet, frame from Target).


My heart skips a beat for this Symthe blazer (made-in-Canada to boot!).

So excited about this! RSVP to or call 905.493.8800 today.

One of my favourite life mantras.

photo 1

Mango smoothies and earl grey make a great start to a sunny Sunday.