I recently enlisted the help of one of my oldest childhood friend's Emma, after I saw a photo of a terrarium she created. So she invited me up to her parent's home--a breathtakingly beautiful stone house in Orono--to help me make an indoor garden of my own. From the sangria, to the picture-perfect sunset and of course the great company, it was a beautiful way to spend a summer evening!

Choose your glass vessel (open-top for succulents), greenery, stones and any accessories.
We decided to use succulents versus plants.
We used cactus-specific soil, but you would need activated filter carbon if you were using plants.
The first layer should be rocks.
Next, we added moss.
Then add a thick layer of soil, and start planting!
Such a stunning backdrop.
Amazing how different shapes, colours and textures can add to the end result.
It doesn't get much prettier than that.