Chloe's Closet

In this edition of Chloe's Closet, I have pulled together the first half of my Costa Rica suitcase. This part of my packing is a bit edgier (excuse me while I try to justify the many black pieces I am bringing to a sunny, tropical locale). I just could not pass up this amazing black kimono (perfect as a bathing suit cover up), and the black high-waisted skirt pairs perfectly with the tribal bikini top. Black is an all season colour in my books. I do plan to fill the rest of my bags with lots of white, gauzy, light clothing I promise!


  1. Bathing suit - Target
  2. Sunnies - Ray Ban
  3. Kindle - Amazon
  4. Pink dress - Urban Outfitters
  5. Kimono - Hollister
  6. Skirt - Aritzia

Feeling Rosie

print 2

 Finally framed my Rifle Paper Co. print (similar can be found at Sweet Violet, frame from Target).


My heart skips a beat for this Symthe blazer (made-in-Canada to boot!).

So excited about this! RSVP to or call 905.493.8800 today.

One of my favourite life mantras.

photo 1

Mango smoothies and earl grey make a great start to a sunny Sunday.

Toast to Tess!

My not-so-baby sister turned 19 yesterday, and to celebrate I hosted a small soiree at my place. Bright and cheerful was the theme, with shades of turquoise and pops of white throughout the coach house. Vintage tea cups (from Tess' own collection!), paper straws, lace-inspired trays and mason jars all added to the feminine feel. A Peach Bellini was the perfect light-bevy for this now legal gal (see recipe below), and luckily for me (the spoiled non-chef), my lovely parental units and aunts made yummy apps. It was a fun night Toasting to Tess--a girl whose beauty shines bright inside and out! XX photo 3-2


photo 2-3

photo 1-3

photo 4-1

clean up

photo 1-4

Bellini directions: I basically made this up as I went along, but essentially I blended frozen peach concentrate, Peach Schnapps, ice (to make it slushy) and peach juice. I then added a bottle of peach flavoured Prosecco, and topped it off with a bag of frozen peaches and more juice to water it down. It was a sweet hit!

photo 1-1 photo 2-1 photo 3-1 photo 4 photo 2-2