Red Door Style

I have decided to try a new regular feature called Red Door Style (thanks to the Coach House for its fun backdrop!). I am hoping that it will eventually turn into posts also featuring my sisters Haley and Tess because they have a far cooler and more playful style than myself. Anyway hope you enjoy a light-hearted look at what I am throwing on each week.

Winter whites seem like a great way to throw a stylish rebuttal to this cold season. So take that January!




Feeling Rosie

print 2

 Finally framed my Rifle Paper Co. print (similar can be found at Sweet Violet, frame from Target).


My heart skips a beat for this Symthe blazer (made-in-Canada to boot!).

So excited about this! RSVP to or call 905.493.8800 today.

One of my favourite life mantras.

photo 1

Mango smoothies and earl grey make a great start to a sunny Sunday.