Chloe's Closet

As promised in this post, I have pulled together the other half of what I will be packing for Costa Rica. This time, things are light, bright and airy. I found this light-weight collared shirt that I plan to use as a bathing suit cover up, which I think will work well when you want your shoulders protected. I also love the idea of using an oversized, gauzy scarf as a sarong (provides coverage, while keeping you cool). Hopefully I will have a lovely bronzed glow to compliment all of that white, otherwise watch for reports of a ghostly encounter that had Costa Rican beach goers running scared...


  1. Shirt - H&M
  2. Scarf -
  3. Bathing suit - Victoria's Secret
  4. Beach bag - J. Crew
  5. White boyfriend jeans - The Gap
  6. Blouse -  H&M

Red Door Style

I have decided to try a new regular feature called Red Door Style (thanks to the Coach House for its fun backdrop!). I am hoping that it will eventually turn into posts also featuring my sisters Haley and Tess because they have a far cooler and more playful style than myself. Anyway hope you enjoy a light-hearted look at what I am throwing on each week.

Winter whites seem like a great way to throw a stylish rebuttal to this cold season. So take that January!





It is hard to call the classic combination of black and white trendy, but I keep seeing it being used in new and fresh ways, specifically in the world of entertaining.

black and white runner

black and white table cloth

black and white with emerald green

Large and small stripes in black and white may sound traditional, but paired with bold pops of colours like pink, yellow and emerald green, it suddenly becomes fun and modern.

black and white flowers

black and white balloons

Black and white cocktail

black and white napkins

black and white dress

You can get creative with black and white: flower arrangements (ranunculus), balloons, black and white cocktails and elegant napkins/placeholders. And while we're at it, you might as well show up to your soirée in this black and white Oscar de la Renta gown!

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