Crushing On

One of the first arrangements I saw Michael create at Penney & Co., was a cluster of white Poms in single bud vases. Removing all of the greenery, and cutting the stems at varying lengths, the simple vertical stems made a big impact. Bud vases are also one of the best ways to save money with your arrangements, because one bunch goes a long way. Mixed vintage bottles, different flower types in the same colour, and playing with height and levels are just a few of the ways you can make bud vases work for your decor scheme. Get inspired by my Pinterest photos below, and check out where you can buy your own bud vases in the shopping section!

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  1. Assorted colour bud vases - Ikea 
  2. Bid bud vase - Indigo 
  3. Faceted ceramic bud vase - Anthropology 
  4. Gluckstein Home bud vase - The Bay 
  5. Reclaimed Wood bud vase - Urban Outfitters