Chloe's Closet

As promised in this post, I have pulled together the other half of what I will be packing for Costa Rica. This time, things are light, bright and airy. I found this light-weight collared shirt that I plan to use as a bathing suit cover up, which I think will work well when you want your shoulders protected. I also love the idea of using an oversized, gauzy scarf as a sarong (provides coverage, while keeping you cool). Hopefully I will have a lovely bronzed glow to compliment all of that white, otherwise watch for reports of a ghostly encounter that had Costa Rican beach goers running scared...


  1. Shirt - H&M
  2. Scarf -
  3. Bathing suit - Victoria's Secret
  4. Beach bag - J. Crew
  5. White boyfriend jeans - The Gap
  6. Blouse -  H&M