Snap Shot

What's the best way to beat this heat? Sangria of course! And what better place to enjoy a cold one, then in the Beaches. The Beaches is one of my all time favourite Toronto neighbourhoods. The houses are freakin adorable, there are shops and restaurants galore, and of course you have the waterfront. It feels like it's own beach town within the big city. So check out how my sisters and I enjoyed our day by the water.  

Weekend Adventures

After a fun-filled weekend, I was very tempted to use my first day off to catch up on some bad TV and laundry. But, as we know, our "Summer" weekends are limited here in Canada, and it seemed a waste of a sunny afternoon washing my whites! So, Tess and I quickly got ready and caught the late afternoon train into the city. With no real plans, we enjoyed an afternoon of limitless wandering. We walked along the Toronto Harbour Front, people watching and stopping to enjoy the scenery. One of our favourite spots was the Toronto Music Garden--truly a gorgeous slice of nature in the heart of the city. We ended the day with a Blood Orange Radler on the patio of Amsterdam Brewery, and made it back to Union Station just ahead of the rain storm. I love an unexpected adventure, and we are so lucky to be a quick 45-minute train ride away from all our beautiful city of Toronto has to offer.