How Bold Will You Go?

Wallpaper has been making a comeback for awhile now. From large florals, to bright hues and whimsical vignettes, being bold is back! My favourite applications are loud prints in powder rooms, subtle texture in a front entry and fun and quirky scenes in children's room. Check out some of this season's papers below. 

  1. Watercolour Paper - Graham and Brown
  2. Sea Blue Paper - Farrow and Ball 
  3. Plum Paper - Home Depot 
  4. Mint Chevron Paper - Walls Republic 
  5. Robin's Egg Paper - Rifle Paper & C0.
  6. Pink Ombre Paper - Lowes 

Feeling Rosie

Memphis' Room

A sneak peak at this vintage-cool children's room, designed by Michael Penney.

The bridesmaids

 I had the honour of being a bridesmaid with these beautiful ladies. See the stunning photos here.


How perfect is this Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper? See all of the amazing styles here.

Halye model

Wow! Clothing designed by: Mario Fugnitto, Modelled by: Haley McPherson.


Pineapple Street just got in these stunning pink Lisianthus, $18/bunch.