Crushing On

My friend Michelle bought me a beautiful cream toque with an oversized fluffy pom pom. I would have never picked it out at the store myself, but as it turns out, it's my favourite go-to Winter hat (gotta love girlfriends who know you better than you know yourself!). So now, I am crushing on all things pom pom in the home. From pillows, to bedding, to curtains; from petite, to extra large; pom poms definitely make a playful statement. And although they are adorable in a children's room (think trim on a bed canopy), I like it best as an unexpected feature in a more sophisticated space.

pom pom bedding

pom pom curtain

pom pom pillow

pom pom trim

pom pom large

pom pom throw 2

pom pom 3

pom pom throw

pom pom 2

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