The majority of us like to live in a space that doesn't favour one specific style--totally modern spaces are fun, but are likely not practical for everyday living. Too far country may have you regretting that rooster border in a few years. Which is why, this month's trend, the modern farmhouse kitchen, is so great. The mix of natural elements like rustic beams, with more contemporary pieces like metal bar stools, creates an effortless balance of competing styles. Incorporating vintage furniture and accessories is also a key piece to this look--it makes the space feel "lived in." Personally, this is one of my favourite design trends, as I tend to gravitate towards both ends of this spectrum. I love the industrial, cool vibes of a large pendant, and can't help but love the time-worn feel of a large repurposed wood island.

Get inspired by these amazing modern farmhouse kitchens!

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Kitchen 3

Kitchen 4

Kitchen 5

kitchen 6

kitchen 0

kitchen 7

kitchen 10

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