I went into Judy Bloom's book, In the Unlikley Event with mixed emotions. I loved her books as a young girl, but had heard mixed reviews of her previous adult novel. I also wasn't convinced I would enjoy a book about plane crashes. A few pages in and I thought I was proving my negative preconceptions true, when I found it hard to follow the many different characters and back stories. However, after another night of reading, I was quickly hooked. The bleak backdrop of three horrific plane crashes in a small New Jersey town was brightened with really loveable characters and insight into life during the early fifties. It was fascinating to know these "unlikely" series of events were actually true, and that Bloom herself was a resident of Elizabeth at the time. I would recommend this book to my girlfriends, would you?    

Our next Bookmark is To All the Boys I've Loved Before by author Jenny Han. I first heard about this book though the Book Club, and it came out with high reviews. When Lara Jean's private love letters are made public, she re-lives her five past loves in this quirky teen fiction. It sounds like the perfect, light-hearted book to read by the pool this Summer (P.S. I am choosing to ignore the fact that I have not been a "teen" for an undisclosed amount of time now, and will be enjoying this book guilt free!).