Just because

So it's not Oscar worthy. Maybe even a little cheesy. I often find I like a movie just because it looks pretty, which is reason enough for me! My love for the visually appealing, led me to learn more about Nancy Meyers. Meyers is known for her beautiful movie sets--think Something's Gotta Give, It's Complicated, the Parent Trap and my personal favourite, The Holiday (how dreamy was that English cottage?).


Something's Gotta Give


The warmth created by Meyers is tangible when watching her films. No detail is left untouched.


It's Complicated

The Holiday

The Holiday

I recently read that Meyers is coming out with another movie, The Intern. She has been teasing photos of the set, and I must admit, I have once again been captivated!

The Intern

The Intern

What are your favourite, just because they are beautiful, movies?