The Decor Department - Tess' Bedroom

My sister Tess is one of those few lucky people who has known exactly what she wants to do with her life for as long as I can remember--a dance teacher and studio owner. And she shows that same confidence with her personal style and decor aesthetic. So when she asked my help turning her room into a more sophisticated space, I knew it would be easy working with someone who is so sure of herself. Coral, fuchsia and white were the requested colours, and she wanted to keep her orange feature wall. Let me tell you, this girl is not afraid of colour and it's fabulously refreshing. Sticking to a modest budget, we rolled up our sleeves and got creative. A few cans of white paint on the three walls, ceiling and trim brightened things up and we had fun painting wood letters (from the Dollar Store!) and making colourful pennants. Of course, signs of her passions are scattered throughout her room, from the pointe shoes and ballet barre, to her gorgeous tea cup collection. I can only hope the space properly reflects her bright and beautiful personality!

Feeling Rosie

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 2.39.07 PM

Check out this cool Instagram account--snapshots and stories of people on the streets of NY.

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My prayers were answered--a chic cafe in downtown Whitby. You have to try the Americano!


Feeling the Summer vibes with Chambray, Chenille and Converse.


It's peony season. How beautiful are these pink blooms from Pineapple Street?


Sparklers--the perfect way to end a birthday party... at any age!