90's Kid

You guys, I think I manifested this. I put the vibes out to the Universe, and it rewarded me in ways I never dreamt possible. A week ago today, I Snap Chatted a photo of me eating apple slices and watching Full House (the episode where DJ breaks up with Steve on the mountain). Then, just like that, I wake up Tuesday only to find out that Full House is returning to Netflix. 

This classic sitcom was a staple in the McPherson household. It was my first introduction to the Olsen Twins (my love of which still remains strong), it told me I needed my own telephone in my bedroom, and it's how I found my first crush (Have Mercy!). I can still picture my 10 year-old self watching reruns after school, with a snack tray and a high ponytail. Being a 90's kid was the best!