Crushing On

This month's Crush is a list of my favourite Instagram follows, with a European flair! 

Paris in Four Months - Every photo Carin takes is truly cinematic in its beauty. The perfect daydream of Paris. 

Maurice and King - Kate, a mother of two adorable boys, living in London, England, specializes in photos of the many colourful homes and neighbourhoods in London (she calls Chelsea home!).   

Jools Oliver - Sure, she may be best known as Jamie Oliver's wife, but her stylized Instagram photos make her special in her own right. You will SWOON over her picture-perfect, quintessentially British pics, and her four too-cute children. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 3.58.55 PM.png

Not Your Standard - This fashion-based Instagram is courtesy of Kayla--a Toronto born girl, who now calls Berlin home. You will love her style, and the many gorgeous European backdrops behind the clothes.