Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn: You guys!!! This book is capital letter CREEPY. Albeit I am not one to properly gauge the level of scary or creepy, as I tend to lean towards easily scared, but this was genuinely freaky. Reading this before bed was a challenge. However, I could not put the darn thing down. I thought I was clever in solving the mystery behind the mother early on, but I was happy for the curve ball in the end. A thriller based around a family of woman was a new and interesting perspective (Gillian Flynn certainly knows how to write a horrifying woman!). The depth of the main character, Camille, was key to making this book more than a typical small-town mystery novel. Her perspective and honest insecurities were captivating. I would definitely recommend this book to my girlfriends (and am glad my friend Michelle suggested it to me!). Would you agree? 

Our next Bookmark is in line with The Social Chapter--"In the Unlikely Event," by beloved author, Judy Blume. Based on the true story of three plane crashes in three months in Elizabeth, New Jersey, I have read reviews that call this novel--her first aimed at adults in over 15 years--to be both gripping and moving. I can't wait to jump right into this one.