Travel Diaries

I thought it would be fun to share my Travel Diaries with you. I have so many places to visit on my bucket list, and it is constantly evolving. Traveling is such an important part of life. It opens your eyes to new cultures, foods, religions, climates, governments and values. And let's not forget the unforgettable, lifelong memories you come home with. In the last couple of years, my focus has been turned towards my career, and traveling quickly got moved to the back burner. So here's hoping my now public travel diaries, will help me make traveling a priority once again! 

The first instalment of the Travel Diaries is the kind of backdrop you imagine for a steamy Summer romance novel. In fact, it is the location for arguably one of the greatest fictional romantic stories of our time, The Notebook. A true hollywood romance also began on a gorgeous planation here--Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's wedding (designed by none other than Martha Stewart to boot!). 

Click here, for a comprehensive list of what to do and see in Charleston.

A background: Charleston is a city in the American State of South Carolina renowned for it's cobblestone streets, civil war history and picture-perfect pastel architecture. I imagine walking around in an a-line summer dress, sipping peach-flavoured iced tea, holding the arm of a Southern gentleman. The warm, southern weather and gorgeous waterfront are welcome bonuses! 

If I go (scratch that to WHEN): I would definitely start by touring the many gorgeous historical mansions (like the Aiken-Rhett House) and plantations. I would stay at the Planters Inn, because it is simply dreamy, and shopping on King Street and strolling the French Quarter are on the must-do list. Last, but definitely not least as I spend 90% of an average day thinking about what to eat next, I would mow down on shrimp creole at Hominy Grill.

I would love to hear from anyone who has been before, and make sure to let me know what destinations are in your travel diaries!