Readying Your Home for Spring

Is there a better feeling than seeing the first signs of Spring after a long Winter? The smell of fresh dirt and the satisfaction of snow banks getting smaller, Spring really is a beautiful time of year. My favourite part of any change of season, is switching out my wardrobe and home decor--the perfect excuse for a fresh start! 

Aside from what we know as a staple of the rainy months--Spring cleaning--there are other easy, and economical ways to embrace the new season. Possibly the easiest way to brighten up your indoor space, is by adding fresh flowers and greenery (try a pot in a fun hue!). Freshen up your front door with seasonal plants and a fresh door mat. You can bring in nature's colour palette by adding fun accent pillows, and remember to switch your heavy throws for lighter, cotton versions. Hibernation be gone--get inspired to cook healthy, seasonal meals with attractive recipe cards, and be ready for casual, al-fresco dining with inexpensive paper napkins and a versatile cutlery holder. And of course, never under estimate the power of a new candle scent to transform your home.   

Have a look at my Spring home decor must-haves, and let me know how you will be brightening up your space!

  1. Decorative Pots - Indigo
  2. Sisal Door Mat - Pottery Barn
  3. Tulips - Your local florist! 
  4. Floral Accent Pillow - Indigo 
  5. Recipe Cards - Penney & Co. 
  6. Cotton Throw - Penney & Co.
  7. Scented Candle - Penney & Co.
  8. Cutlery Holder - Loblaws 
  9. Paper Napkins - Ikea